Collections like this don’t come along very often!


We’re honored to be featuring the lifetime collection of Kyle “Ray” Martin of Indianapolis IN. as a stand alone auction. This auction features antique & vintage marbles, Handmades, Navarre’s, German & English swirls, Indian’s, Peppermints, Lutz, Onionskins, Mica & Sulphides. Machine-made Peltiers, Christensen, Akro Agate, Vitro & more. Antique glazed & bisque decorated china & Bennington’s. This auction includes many HTF and Rare examples including several boxed sets, a very cool shooter display card, and several complete English Solitaire sets with boards. This auction ends on Saturday, August 26th at 11:00am. Click the ‘Bid Now’ button at the top of page to register for this one-of-kind auction!

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