Trust Managers, Guardianships, Attorneys

Estate & Downsizing Specialists understands what it means for our Professional customers to fulfill their obligation to their clients.  Trust, fulfillment, fiduciary, confidence, discretion, sensitivity; these are just some of the standards you follow while guiding or managing your clients affairs.  We know that you need accurate and understandable evaluation reports to submit to the courts.  We know that you have timelines and tax returns to meet and complete.  We know that you need someone to manage, organize and liquidate personal property assets in a timely and cost-effective manner.  We understand how valuable personal and financial items are to you and your client.  Estate & Downsizing Specialists understands what it means for you to be successful and we want to be one of the tools that help you get that job done.  Our standards are as high as yours.

Our Professional services include:

  • Estate Consultation
  • Inventory & Appraisal Valuations
  • Property Clean Up and Prep
  • Personal Property & Asset Sales
  • Lock Changes and Securing of Valuables and Documents
  • Real Estate Valuation & Sales
  • Whatever Your Needs Are, We Can Help