Every client’s needs are different. We have helped thousands of clients with estate and downsizing and will help match your needs with our broad range of services. 

The consultation allows our account specialist to get the picture—literally—of the project size and scope, and provide meeting timelines and objectives. A proposal is then created outlining all services and specific costs, including auction and real estate commissions, to assist you with completion of the job. 

This provides you, and us, a clear picture of the project, costs, timelines, and roadmap for the project completion.

We pride ourselves on no hidden costs or add-ons. When possible, we charge a straight commission covering all costs including packing and transport. 

For auction clients, the entire commission structure is based on the value of the items we are selling. Do you have high value personal property, fine jewelry, vehicles, high value art, or a rare collection? We offer our best rates on high value estate or downsizing goods. 

Household furnishings and common, used furniture may be subject to higher rates. We will not quote auction rates until we see the items to sell. 

The best answer to this often asked question is to schedule a consultation—call us or send an online inquiry today!

We charge for our services by the hour, similar to a traditional Time & Material model. Since every project is different, we ask that you schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs. This will outline our estimated costs for the various services required to complete your project. 

We will give you a clear estimate for the work to be done. We make every effort to stay within estimates and always seek client approval for additions or changes that may result in a higher final billing. We try to be very clear and transparent in our costs and fees. Nothing hidden, no surprises.

We are a full-time real estate company. Brian Sample is a licensed broker since 2003 with RE/MAX Acclaimed Properties, the area’s leading brokerage. Brian is also a member of MIBOR, marketing his properties to a very large audience in central and southern Indiana.

The difference between us and other brokers is our experience. No one in the area specializes in the estate and downsizing segment like we do, having prepared and closed hundreds of homes in all market segments. 

When you hire us to sell the real estate, you get an entire company dedicated to doing whatever it takes to get your property ready and marketed to a new buyer. We know how to get them ready, make them look their best with whatever our budget is, negotiate for the highest and best price, and how to close with the added complications of the estate process.

You have come to the right place! We know every project is different. The best thing you can do is get a professional out to discuss your project. Our consultation is free and provides you an opportunity to better understand what lies ahead. Even if you don’t use our company, the advice is free and will prove very helpful.

Just fill the contact form at the bottom of the page or call our office at (812) 822-2508. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and set up a consultation at your convenience.

The size of the project and the availability in our schedule will determine the amount of time it takes to complete a project. We do projects that take us a day and we have done complex cleanups and multi-auction estates that have taken weeks, and in some cases even months. 

The other determining factor is what we are doing for you. To pick up a consignment for auction may be a few hours or just a day. If real estate is involved and we are doing a turnkey project, an average range is 3 to 7 days, depending on square footage, conditions, and the amount of personal property. Once we see your project, we will be able to estimate a time to completion.

Items we love –

  • Special Collections of Any Kind
  • Fine Quality Goods
  • Rarities
  • Native American & Tribal Arts
  • Vintage & Antique Toys
  • Fine & Estate jewelry
  • Coins & Currency
  • Antiques
  • Fine Art
  • Firearms & Related Goods
  • Mid Century Modern goods
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Estate Vehicles, 4 Wheelers, Big Boy Toys & Equipment


Items we don’t love –

  • Common used furniture & furnishings
  • Large and aged furniture
  • Pool tables
  • Common household goods
  • Large desks and office furniture
  • Low value items of any kind
  • Heavily soiled items
  • Most upholstered furniture that isn’t new or antique


If you aren’t sure or just want an opinion the best way for us to determine if your items are saleable is for us to come and see them, call us today to set up a consultation.

Our senior staff have been involved in the world of selling for over 30 years. We know what sells. The best way for us to determine the salability of your items is for us to come and take a look at them in person. This way we can make a determination on the condition and value of the items you are wishing to consign. If you have a smaller collection or something that can easily be transported like coins or jewelry, you are welcome to call and make an appointment to bring them in for us to view.

Not for estate or downsizing purposes if the goods are to be sold. If you are just wondering what they are worth, we will share as much of that information as possible with you during our free consultation. We know values and how to find an items worth. The final sale price provided in your accounting will serve as a record for estate settlement. You may need an appraisal for:

  • Equitable family or estate disbursement
  • Divorce or separation
  • Insurance
  • Claim or damage settlement

*EDS does provide insurance and estate appraisals for personal property of all kinds including fine art, antiques, entire estates & collectibles.

The only way for us to quote a job is to come and see it in person. This will help give us a better understanding of what needs to be done and the time it will take to complete. After a consultation, you will receive an estimated quote letting you know the presumed cost of the project and timeline for completion. This proposal will become a roadmap for completing the project.

From cleanouts to selling real estate, we work with many clients who are dealing with a local estate but are not physically present. EDS has built a strong reputation for high integrity resolution of estates from simple to complex for out of state clients. In most instances we provide a turnkey service, encompassing everything from opening the door to final closing of the real estate. 

Please give us a call today to discuss your situation and to see how best we can help make this a stress-free and hands-off experience for you.

Yes! We would love to take on your entire project and help you from start to finish. We will make sure your items are sorted appropriately, treasures are sold professionally, house is emptied and prepared for sale, and we will sell your home at the highest profit possible. Being brokers with RE/MAX Acclaimed provides you top shelf brokerage services.

We offer professional in-house shipping for clients and consumers alike. Whether you are needing shipping for an auction item(s) you won or would like personal belongings from an estate shipped to your home—we do it all! We make sure your possessions arrive in a safe, timely, and cost-effective manner all over the world!

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