Estate & Downsizing Services

Five stars

“We were overwhelmed thinking about cleaning out my parents’ home of 45 plus years, but luckily we found Brian and his team at Estate & Downsizing Specialists LLC. They were professional, knowledgeable, efficient, friendly, and compassionate. They cleaned out a completely full house with basement, garage and barn in less than four days. They saved us years of work and were able to remove the emotion from all of it. We highly recommend Brian and the team at Estate & Downsizing Specialists LLC. They are amazing!”

– Tom 

Five stars

As Executor of my Mother’s estate, I relied on EDS to help me find value in the items left after distributing sentimental ones. Mr. Sample identified things I would have sent to GoodWill if left to my own reasoning, and am I ever grateful.

His demeanor was excellent during the entire process. The way he respectfully interacted with me when admittedly the grief wasn’t helping my thought process was so very helpful. Everything in writing helped me go over things in my own time, my own way.

He also helped me define my part of the process (cleaning out drawers) and his (transport, listing, descriptions) so I wasn’t concerned about anything once those items were in his care. When the EDS team left, the things left over were in reasonable piles for me to continue sorting. It’s hard to explain but this was a very respectful process.

It was clear from the detailed reports I got with each check that his commission was well earned.

Professional, communicative, WAY better than what I had hoped. Highly recommend, especially for Estate clearing or cleaning out a loved one’s home.

– Karen

Five stars

I feel quite lucky to have found EDS a few months before actually having to work with them. When the time came unexpectedly, Brian Sample (owner) and his team were able to work our needs into his schedule, accomplish all of the many jobs that we needed right on time. I can’t say enough good things about this invaluable service and the fine people there. This is a great example of experience matters, and they’ve got it.”

– Steve

Five stars

We recently lost our sister and were faced with disposing of the contents of her house and getting it ready to sell. It was an overwhelming and emotional prospect. What a tremenous relief when we hired Brian and his team and they took care of everything. They were incredibly kind, considerate, professional and efficient. In a matter of days they had the house cleared out, items given away or set up for the online auction.

Once the house was cleared out, it became apparent that there was quite a bit of work needed to make the house more appealing to prospective buyers. Brian took care of that too from repairing decks and a hole in the siding, to putting in a new drainage system, having new gutters installed, refinishing a hardwood floor, putting in new flooring, patching a ceiing, replacing wall paneling and sheet rock, painting, and clearing out brush and mulching around the house. Whateve was needed, Brian and his team got the job done. In addition to the emotional aspect of this project, we live in another state so it was such a relief to have someone we trusted taking care of everything.

Brian went above and beyond in helping us out. We had movers coming to pick up some furniture but they were delayed and we were not going to be in town at that point anymore. Brian volunteered to stay late on a Friday night to wait for them.

In addition, Brian’s advice regarding what could be done to make the house more appealing was always on point. When the repairs went above original quote, he honored the original one.

We were extremely happy with Brian and his team’s work and can’t recommend them highly enough.

– Michael

Five stars

Our family had a great experience with Estate & Downsizing Specialists (E&DS) and we enthusiastically recommend the company. My mom was moving across the country and couldn’t take everything to her new apartment. When she moved, we left everything she wasn’t taking behind in the house, from dining room furniture to half-bottles of shampoo in the bathroom. In 4 days the E&DS team had the house completely empty and sparkling clean, ready to show to prospective buyers. My mom got a full price offer the very next day! Our family would never have been able to empty the house or prepare it for sale so quickly and efficiently, let alone sell and donate the furnishings she didn’t need. At every step in the process, Brian told us not to worry, that E&DS would handle everything, and they did! We are tremendously grateful!”

– Elizabeth
Auction Services

Five stars

I deal with 8-10 auction houses per year. Never have I experienced the level of friendly and courteous service as I have with EDS. Their entire team is exceptional. If you’re concerned about accuracy of descriptions or after-sale service, don’t be. You simply won’t find better service. And this comes from somebody who regularly deals with Sotheby’s, Christie’s, and Bonhams.

– Jeff

Five stars

I order a LOT off of Hi-Bid. This auction house packed my items well , quickly and the shipping was very cheap for the 11 lots I won. Very happy with their service and I recommend them if you are bidding on Hi-Bid

– John

Five stars

EDS was patient and accommodating while fulfilling a large online order through a digital auction. They were both professional and outstanding in their service and care.”

– Wheresjake

Five stars

My favorite auction site to follow.  The folks there, have from day one, treated me as family.

– Richard

Five stars

“I stumbled across this company while browsing auctions on HiBid and eventually won some really cool items. The photographs and descriptions were excellent, but what I was even more impressed with  was the exceptional care taken in packing.

I received a large box and assumed the items were just ‘in’ there. Nope. Someone had taken the time (likely hours) to individually wrap, bag and label each item. This is by far the most professional job from an auction service I’ve ever had. I am very pleased with my experience, thank you.

– GoldsberryGirl

Five stars

I use the HiBid auction site often. EDS is over an hour from where I live, but totally worth the drive. I’ve never had a bad experience with them and am always pleased with their great customer service, both with the check out process and the loading process. I just got back from today’s pick up and have to commend the man that helped load my truck and even tied it down for me. It was very much appreciated. He went above and beyond in helping me! This is by far one of the best auction houses in the area. Thank you!

– Debra

Five stars

Great auction and great people. Have gotten a lot of awesome bargains.”

– Harvy
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