Estate & Downsizing

Whether you are downsizing on your own or handling the estate of a loved one, we make the transition easier.

Secure Home & Valuables

Our clients can count on us to secure their properties. A vacant home is vulnerable to theft in the first few weeks of a transitional event. We help you get your locks changed and valuables secured immediately. New locks ensure that those who had keys to the home do not have access anymore. We provide lock-change service 7 days a week.

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Auction Consultation

We are a premier provider of auction services. Don’t assume things are junk—call us first. Valuables can come in many forms and you should let us walk through before you decide to donate or dispose of items. Small items, collections, and things found in drawers, attics and closets can be worth much more than furniture and large items. Remember this step is no cost to you and we guarantee you will learn from our visit.

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Donation Services

When we manage the process for our clients, we donate or recycle every item we can’t sell. Whether you have a simple donation to a local charity or are donating to a museum or institution, EDS can handle your needs. We provide FMV evaluations of items donated and provide all of the IRS forms for your Charitable Contribution Deduction. We also provide gift appraisals for our clients. We will take items to the charity of your choice, or we will choose one of our favorite charities, like the Monroe County History Center. Appraisal fees are often tax deductible; check with your tax professional. 

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Guardians call on us often for a large number of services. The inventory/appraisal report is a tool that is necessary to establish the content and value of a wards personal property. We can help the Guardian by securing the property and and taking inventory of a ward’s property. 

Guardianships are approved and overseen by the judicial system and decisions regarding real estate and personal assets often require court approval. Our report provides the data necessary to make the right decision for the individual. We can provide a detailed report or a generalized report. 

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Medical Sell Downs

If your loved one is in the situations where health has forced them into long-term care provided by Medicaid, we understand the process. 

Medicaid rules require a process to liquidate assets. 

If needed, we can arrange to carry the expenses until the sale of assets is completed. In these situations, we often provide turnkey services from start to finish, ultimately selling the real estate asset(s) as the final step.


Hoarding Specialist (Sorting & Selling)

We know how to pick out the trash from the treasure. Our experience will maximize any value that’s there. We have crews and contractors ready to handle even the largest projects, including homes of hoarders. 

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Expert Witness Testimony

The nature of our business can have litigious and contentious aspects from unhappy beneficiaries to full blown court driven disputes. We are always available to provide expert testimony if needed.

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