Special Collection Kicks Off June Collectors Month


It started with a referral from a family friend. There was a special collection in Wisconsin that might interest us. What kind of collection, you say? Corkscrews. Yes, corkscrews. Intriguing, a large corkscrew collection isn’t something we run into everyday, but worth a trip from Indiana to Wisconsin?

We decided to take the chance. We crewed up, hopped in the truck, and headed north! To say we found a ‘nice’ collection of corkscrews would be an understatement – this was a HUGE collection. On display was about every variation of a corkscrew imaginable; from purely utilitarian models to ornate and sculptural works of art. Before pop-tops and plastic lids, nearly every liquid that came in a bottle had a cork. If you didn’t have a corkscrew… you were screwed. Looking at the myriad shapes, sizes, mechanisms, and innovations, it’s clear – corkscrews once played an integral role in daily life.

Based solely on this collection our gamble would have paid off. So we were delighted to find several other items and collections to bring back with us. We found rare ancient coins, doorstops, fine Chinese export porcelain and other ceramics, fine art, antique furniture & furnishings…by the time we left our truck was full.

This fantastic collection of corkscrews kicks off our June Collectors Month and can be viewed right now by clicking the Bid Now button at the top of your screen. As auctions are posted, watch for Corkscrews, Shaving, Celluloid & Bakelite, Postcards, Fine Glass, Fine Ceramics, Globes & Cartography, and Rocks, Minerals & Shells.

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