You’re Invited to a Special Auction Preview!

Join us for this special in-person preview of these outstanding upcoming auctions. Enjoy a beer or a glass of wine while you browse the rare and unique treasures from our Garrett Collections: Antiques, Fine Art & Specialties (6/24), Power Collection: Rare Coins (6/28 & 6/29) and Garrett Collections: Rocks, Minerals, Shells & Fossils (7/1 &7/2) Auctions. When: Friday, June 21 […]

EDS Launches ‘Auctions Only’ Website

The EDS team is pleased to announce our new website:! The new site is a great way to get a sneak peak at exciting auctions coming your way, and get up-to-date about the auctions currently running. What’s more, we make it easy to learn about we love to sell, and listing your treasures and […]

Collections like this don’t come along very often!

We’re honored to be featuring the lifetime collection of Kyle “Ray” Martin of Indianapolis IN. as a stand alone auction. This auction features antique & vintage marbles, Handmades, Navarre’s, German & English swirls, Indian’s, Peppermints, Lutz, Onionskins, Mica & Sulphides. Machine-made Peltiers, Christensen, Akro Agate, Vitro & more. Antique glazed & bisque decorated china & […]

Special Collection Kicks Off June Collectors Month

It started with a referral from a family friend. There was a special collection in Wisconsin that might interest us. What kind of collection, you say? Corkscrews. Yes, corkscrews. Intriguing, a large corkscrew collection isn’t something we run into everyday, but worth a trip from Indiana to Wisconsin? We decided to take the chance. We […]

Colleen McKenna Talks Original Prints and Reproductions

As the Fine Art Specialist at Estate & Downsizing Specialists some of my favorite projects involve prints and printmaking, and I am often asked “What’s the difference between an original print and a reproduction?” Great question! Let’s start with a simple definition of an original print: A print is a work of graphic art that […]

Sports Cards Are Making the Grade at EDS

When people think of sports cards as an investment they think the cards have to be old to be valuable, i.e. a 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth card. However, in large part due to the pandemic, modern cards have taken off in value. Those cards sitting in your attic or basement from the 90’s could be […]

Toys, Toys, Toys – The 1960s to the 90s are coming on strong!

All of us old guys had a favorite toy in our childhood that has become valuable. I personally loved my Hot Wheels and played with them until the wheels fell off. That was in the mid to late 1960’s so those examples would have been worth some serious money today had mama just made me […]

A New Service at EDS: Fine Art Appraisal

We are so excited here at EDS to have Colleen McKenna join our staff.  Colleen holds a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Indiana University and a Bachelor’s degrees in Art History and Printmaking from Ohio University. She was the Executive Director of the Friends of Art and the FoA Bookshop at Indiana University for […]