Online Sales

Estate & Downsizing Specialists has been professionally selling online since 1998. We recognize that not every item or collection can achieve its full potential in a regional market. In an effort to maximize the value of such items we have a full blown e-Bay operation ready to handle your needs. We photograph, research, catalog, list, pack, and ship your items. Our understanding of the format and our unmatched seller ratings will guarantee the highest possible returns on your property. Please call us at 812.822.2508 or e-mail us at today for a FREE consultation.

Auction Sales

The auction industry has forever been changed by technology. Though still a fantastic way to sell, live auctions are a different animal than they were 10 years ago. First, the demographic of buyers and a changing society has created a new marketplace. This marketplace includes new items people never dreamed of collecting while many traditional collecting areas have all but vanished in popularity. At the same time many serious collectors are now downsizing and creating a massive flow of material back into the marketplace. The collecting world has always been a trendy and changing place but the added economic factors have created a virtual glut of low and mid level items. Many of these items have fallen off the map in value and sometimes are difficult to sell at all. Societal changes including a lack of expendable income have contributed to this problem. We are and always will be a full service auction company. We have conducted auctions for 15 years in Central Indiana and still believe that some items will sell best using this format. Looking at the live auction as another tool in our cart, we believe no one in the industry is better equipped to find the BEST solution to help you sell personal property.

Estate Tag Sales

When the logistics, location and timing are right, a professional estate tag sale can be a fantastic way to sell personal property. We believe that this method of selling is often the best for downsizing or whole house selling events. This type of sale reaches a broad market of people, and we frequently see many of our professional auction buyers as well. We sell everything at these events: lawn equipment, household items, garage items, tools, china and glassware, antiques, collectibles, vintage items, clothing, vehicles, furniture – if you could find it in a home we have sold it. When the event is over, we donate or dispose of what’s left. The home is empty and ready for the next step. We conduct these events professionally, recording each sale as a lot, just like an auction, with a final accounting for the seller. We do them exclusively with our staff, running every aspect of the event from set up to tear down. We also offer services associated with the event, often assisting families with the process but letting them help run the sale to keep costs down. From consulting help with values to a full blown event, EDS can make an estate tag sale a big success for our clients.

Buyout Service

Our sales department buys downsizing leftovers, single items, estate leftovers and any other property that you simply want to liquidate. E-mail us at or call us at 812.822.2508 and one of our staff will come take a look and make a cash offer.


Estate & Downsizing Specialists operates the EDS Estate Tag Sale Store located at 701 S. Ransom Lane.  Some of the exceptional items Estate and Downsizing Specialists have received through its estate downsizing process are for sale to the public.  If you are looking for a place to sell furniture, household, antiques, or collectibles call us today at 812.822.2508.  We are sure to have a consignment program to meet your needs.  Commissions are based on the overall value of the consignment.  The entire process is computerized, offering inventory management of all items consigned, from start to finish.  Payments are made monthly until the items are sold.  If you have a large consignment we will send a representative out to your home to see if we can help.  We also provide convenient packing and pick-up services. This option is excellent for clients that have furnishings and other items left after a downsizing move that they need to sell. It is also another alternative to an Auction or Tag Sale.  Some Homeowners Associations or Developments do not allow Tag Sales and sometimes an auction is just not feasible. The EDS Consignment service is a great solution. Items taken into the store on consignment are inventoried and placed on our showroom floor in the Tag Sale Store for a 120-150 Day Program. The first 30 days, items are on the floor for 100% of the sale price. The next 30 days they are marked down 25%. After that 30 days, the items are reduced 50%.  The last 30 day reduction is 75%. After that last reduction, the items have been on the showroom floor for 120 days. The client has a choice to pick up the unsold items, donate them* or place them in a final liquidation auction held monthly at the EDS Estate Tag Sale Store. Estate and Downsizing Specialists pays their consignors after each thirty day period and provides a detailed report of what sold. The consignment percentage fee that Estate and Downsizing Specialists charges depends on the items consigned. That would be individually discussed and determined. The usual range is 35-50%. Included in that fee is handling, advertising, and the assurance that your items are on a showroom floor where shoppers can see them every day.