Estate Tag Sales

When the logistics, location and timing are right, a professional estate tag sale can be a fantastic way to sell personal property. We believe that this method of selling is often the best for downsizing or whole house selling events. This type of sale reaches a broad market of people, and we frequently see many of our professional auction buyers as well.

We sell everything at these events: lawn equipment, household items, garage items, tools, china and glassware, antiques, collectibles, vintage items, clothing, vehicles, furniture – if you could find it in a home we have sold it. When the event is over, we donate or dispose of what’s left. The home is empty and ready for the next step.

We conduct these events professionally, recording each sale as a lot, just like an auction, with a final accounting for the seller. We do them exclusively with our staff, running every aspect of the event from set up to tear down. We also offer services associated with the event, often assisting families with the process but letting them help run the sale to keep costs down. From consulting help with values to a full blown event, EDS can make an estate tag sale a big success for our clients.