Auction Sales

The auction industry has forever been changed by technology. Though still a fantastic way to sell, live auctions are a different animal than they were 10 years ago. First, the demographic of buyers and a changing society has created a new marketplace. This marketplace includes new items people never dreamed of collecting while many traditional collecting areas have all but vanished in popularity. At the same time many serious collectors are now downsizing and creating a massive flow of material back into the marketplace.

The collecting world has always been a trendy and changing place but the added economic factors have created a virtual glut of low and mid level items. Many of these items have fallen off the map in value and sometimes are difficult to sell at all. Societal changes including a lack of expendable income have contributed to this problem.

We are and always will be a full service auction company. We have conducted auctions for 15 years in Central Indiana and still believe that some items will sell best using this format. Looking at the live auction as another tool in our cart, we believe no one in the industry is better equipped to find the BEST solution to help you sell personal property.