About Us

Moving on is an emotional experience. Life changes, and with those changes come transitions. We know how tough that can be. The practical things that need to be taken care of can seem overwhelming.

Estate & Downsizing Specialists are the experts in making sure all the changes you need to make are handled quickly, properly and most importantly, with the utmost sensitivity.

From estate appraisal through property cleanup, Estate & Downsizing Specialists can help you navigate the emotional rollercoaster that comes from organizing a lifetime of tangible memories. Our professional selling services ensure that proper value and respect are afforded all your most treasured pieces.

Estate & Downsizing Specialists have worked with hundreds of families, organizations and trust attorneys to make life’s transitions as easy as possible. Sometimes it’s just about cleaning up. Other times, it’s about cleaning out. Change is inevitable. Our only job is to make your transition as smooth as possible. Get in touch with us today for a free in-person consultation by calling 812.822.2508.