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Our job is to make your life's transitions as smooth as possible. From estate appraisal and inventory to cleanup and senior transitional services, Estate & Downsizing Specialists is all about making sure the only thing you need to worry about is what's most important.
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Estate Downsizing Services
Estate & Downsizing Specialists has the experience to assist individuals and professionals in making decisions regarding the various aspects of estate, trusts, and guardianship management. We often see companies come into an estate and pick the high value items for an auction, leaving everything else to be dealt with. When you call EDS we assist with the entire project helping you deal with every aspect of the estate process. For those high value items, we often negotiate a better commission rate than you would get if you called the company directly. We have consigned high value items to specialized and national auctions across the spectrum. You can set the process in motion with a free consultation. We’ll meet with you to establish your needs and objectives and find the right set of solutions for you. BACK TO TOP
Secure Home & Valuables
Our clients can count on us to secure their properties. We have unfortunately seen many properties virtually looted in the first few weeks of a transitional event. Professionals should have the locks changed and valuables secured immediately when informed of a client death, move to assisted living, or a long term care facility. Trusting individuals give neighbors keys, caregivers may have access, even family members can be subjected to false claims because security wasn’t considered. We provide this service 7 days a week. BACK TO TOP
Hoarding Specialist
No one in the area has more experience with the hoarder clean-up and liquidation than Estate & Downsizing Specialists. We have completed projects that most people would never believe. Projects where we had bulldozers and skid steers, a dozen 40 yard dumpsters large teams of clean up techs.

On many of these projects there is a salvage component, a salable goods component and a general clean-up component. Many have been completed to prepare real estate for sale. We know how to pick out the trash from the treasure. Our experience will maximize any value that’s there. We have crews and contractors ready to handle even the largest projects and nothing scares us away. Most importantly, we will get the job done. BACK TO TOP
Donation Services
Whether you have a simple donation to a local charity, or are donating to a museum or institution, EDS can handle your needs. We provide FMV evaluations of items donated, and provide all of the IRS forms for your Charitable Contribution Deduction . We also provide gift appraisals for our clients. When we manage the process for our clients we donate or recycle every item that we can’t sell or that our client request be donated. We will take items to the charity of your choice or we will choose one of our favorite charities like the Monroe County History Center. Appraisal fees are often tax deductible, check with your tax professional. See our Charitable Donation area for more information. BACK TO TOP
Medical Sell Downs
Estate & Downsizing Specialists understands the process involved in situations where health has forced an individual into long term care provided by Medicaid. Medicaid rules require a process to liquidate assets. From a small apartment to a complex home and businesses, we have assisted many families and professionals with this process.

Our extensive experience includes almost every circumstance you can imagine. Don’t be afraid to call us with the tough ones. Sometimes there is a hoarding element, sometimes conditions haven’t been good for a long time. We understand that in many instances there is no liquidity. We are accustomed to carrying expenses until the sale of assets can be completed. In these circumstances we often provide turnkey services from start to finish, ultimately selling the real estate asset(s) as the final step.

Call Estate & Downsizing Specialists first and let our experience help you make the right decisions if you or your clients are in a Medicaid circumstance. BACK TO TOP
A guardianship is directed by a legal guardian. This individual is appointed by the courts to protect the interest of an individual incapable of caring for his or her own personal and property interests. The guardian may refer to their client as a ward. This appointment may be due to illness, incapacity or disability. Parents of minors are considered the legal guardian of their minor children. Parents, who have planned their estate with a legal will, may designate who will become a child’s legal guardian in the event of their death.

Guardians call on us often for a large number of services. The inventory/appraisal report is a tool that is very necessary to establish the content and value of a wards personal property. We are often called in to secure and inventory a ward’s property after the Guardian is appointed to assist in protecting the assets of the protected person. Guardianships are approved and overseen by the judicial system. This means that most decisions regarding real estate and personal assets could require court approval. Our report will provide the data necessary to make the right decision for the individual. Guardians may have us do a very detailed report or a generalized report. The extent of the work will depend on the reason and the specific circumstance. From changing locks and securing valuables, moving a client to an assisted living environment or conducting a professional estate tag sale, Guardians use some or all of our services as they manage their clients’ needs. BACK TO TOP
Expert Witness Testimony
The nature of our business can have litigious and contentious aspects from unhappy beneficiaries to full blown court driven disputes. We are always available to provide expert testimony if needed. BACK TO TOP
Property Cleanup
One of our specialties is property clean outs. We know what is valuable, what needs to be disposed of and what needs to be secured. Many of our clients have us do an initial clean out of food stuffs, perishables, refrigerators, freezers, pet items; anything that may cause a problem with odors, insects or contamination during the sometimes lengthy period of time it takes to make decisions on the next steps to completion. This step is often completed when we change locks and secure the property on our initial visit. We then send in a crew to dispose of all trash and debris. During this step we organize items to be sold or moved. Personal items like photos, important documents, keepsakes and other special items are packed together and returned to family members or the professional in charge of the project. The final step is a cleaning crew to go in and make the property shine. Our cleaning crews work in conjunction with any contractors such as plumbers or painters to perform needed maintenance or updates as part of the sale prep. Estate & Downsizing Specialists is a one stop shop for property clean up and preparation for real estate listing. Call us today for a free consultation.Our clients include:

• Seniors
• Homeowners
• Property Managers
• Realtors
• Legal Professionals
• Trust Professionals
• Guardians
• Banks & Lending Institutions
• Foreclosure Professionals
• Senior Professionals

Personal Property Inventory & Appraisal
Estate & Downsizing Specialists offers appraisal services for a broad spectrum of personal property including Fine Art, Historical Artifacts & Documents, Antiques, Collectibles, Furniture & Furnishings, Equipment, Vehicles, Native American & Cultural Items, and almost anything else we encounter. For rare or high value items we may secure a second opinion and/or hire an authenticity expert. BACK TO TOP
Estate Appraisals
The estate process is the implementation of a deceased individual’s final wishes and property settlement. In some estates many of the decisions will have been made prior to death and the process is relatively simple. In estates with less planning, often the result of an unexpected or untimely death, the Personal Representative, Executor or Attorney will be making decisions on financial and personal affairs regarding personal and real property distribution. This may be done through the judicial system with the individuals being court appointed through the probate process. This process is accompanied by a distribution of all assets and personal property to beneficiaries. Property may be distributed to heirs or sold during this time. The estate process also includes a final estate tax return filed by a tax professional to the appropriate taxing agencies.

Included in our estate appraisal services are high quality professional reports with comprehensive photo inventories and values of all personal property in the estate. Estate professionals and individuals alike find these reports invaluable in establishing a clear understanding of a properties contents and value. Our reports help serve as a roadmap, providing a basis for the equitable disbursement to heirs, identification of valuables, and they establish a Fair Market Value of personal property for the final settlement. Appraisal fees are often tax deductible. Check with your tax professional. BACK TO TOP
Insurance Appraisals
An insurance appraisal is needed when property values exceed normal standards for the insurance industries guidelines on personal property valuation. In the event of a fire, tornado, theft or other disaster, insurance companies use guidelines to evaluate personal property. If you collect fine art, have high value family heirlooms or have special collections, you most likely need an insurance appraisal.

An insurance appraisal is normally based on retail or replacement value. Unlike a FMV appraisal the insurance appraisal should be based on what it would cost you to replace an item in the event of a loss. To do that one has to be prepared to pay retail in a shop or gallery to find a comparable item of comparable value.

We create insurance appraisals that include detailed photos and documentation of your item. This document then becomes a record of proof of condition and ownership. Any items that are of high value should be discussed with your insurance company and will likely require special coverage. BACK TO TOP
Vehicle & Equipment Appraisals
Estate & Downsizing Specialists appraises all vehicles and equipment. Vehicles and equipment are evaluated based on comparable sales, established “book” values and condition. Condition includes the number of miles or hours of use. Detailed information on these items is included in the report and can often be used in the next step of the process if they need to be sold or liquidated.

Values are based on a Fair Market Value interpretation. Economic conditions and sold equivalents are evaluated for price as well as time to sale. All of these factors help us determine not only value but current marketability.

For more information on our vehicle and equipment sales please see our Online Sales area. BACK TO TOP
Gift Appraisals
If a gift of personal property is being made by an individual from an estate to a museum, charity or institution, a professional FMV appraisal is necessary for the estate to claim the allowed charitable tax benefits on their final tax return. We have completed this type of appraisal for Art, Antiquities, Books & Reference Material, Movie Memorabilia, Native American Artifacts & much more. Though often related to an Estate, we have completed many gift appraisals for individuals who have decided to make a valuable donation to their Alma Mater, a favorite charity or a museum. This type of appraisal includes the completed charitable donation forms required by the Internal Revenue Service. It is important that these appraisals be completed before the donation is made. Appraisal fees are often tax deductible. Check with your tax professional. See our section on Charitable Donation for more information. BACK TO TOP
A divorce is an unfortunate life event. Statistically 50% of marriages end up in divorce with rates climbing higher in 2nd and 3rd marriages. The result of this is a large number of individuals in life transitions. In a large percentage of divorces there is a division of marital property. Real and personal property must be evaluated for equitable division.

Our inventory/appraisal report will provide individuals and divorce courts with the valuations necessary to divide property fairly. BACK TO TOP
Bankruptcy filings have grown in the US as the economy has declined. We provide evaluations and inventories for individuals and bankruptcy professionals. We appraise personal assets, business assets and most types of personal or business property.

In the event that an item falls outside of our capability we work with professional appraisers in specific areas of expertise. By the guidelines of USPAP standards, we will bring outside experts into an appraisal when necessary if we are outside of our realm of expertise. BACK TO TOP
Fair Market Value
Fair Market Value, or FMV, is a term used throughout IRS documents to determine the method of valuation for real and personal property. Often used as a definition is a statement handed down from the Supreme Court in the Cartwright case from 1973. The statement reads as follows:

FMV Definition: the fair market value is the price at which the property would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller, neither being under any compulsion to buy or to sell and both having reasonable knowledge of relevant facts.

We interpret this definition in both training and practical application to closely resemble auction values. Though the definition may be manipulated in some auction environments, in its purest form the auction process provides a relatively accurate price based on a FMV definition. BACK TO TOP
Senior Transitional Services
Estate & Downsizing Specialists provides a complete package of services for our elderly clients, their families, and representatives. We’re here to make your move or downsizing event easier in every way. BACK TO TOP
Senior Moves to Assisted Living
Estate & Downsizing Specialists understands the difficult and emotional task facing individuals and their loved ones when transitioning to assisted living. We can make the move very easy for our clients. We work with you through the entire process. Our staff understands how important it is for the move to be completed effectively and without stress and aggravation.

From the load out to the hanging of art and family pictures, we will take care of every detail to create a comfortable new environment. Competitive with commercial movers, our staff will show your client or loved one the kind of kid glove treatment they deserve. BACK TO TOP
Real Estate Services
We specialize in helping seniors with the sale of their real estate. We are specialist in helping you prep and sell your home. We can also help you maximize the value of your farm, land and commercial real estate assets. When combined with our family of services we can be instrumental in making your life easier during a difficult transition.

Estate & Downsizing Specialists
, in association with Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate, offers a complete family of real estate services for our clients. Our experience in the marketplace includes residential, commercial, land, farms, subdivisions and related services. Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate offers a proven system of success because they understand the complexities of today’s marketplace. With an emphasis on technology, no one in the industry offers a better program to help you sell your real estate assets.

Our family of services makes us the perfect real estate solution for seniors, guardianships, estates, and downsizing transitions. See our full Real Estate section for more information. Whatever your circumstance Call or e-mail Estate & Downsizing Specialists today to find out how we can assist you. 812.822.2508. BACK TO TOP
Charitable Contribution & Donation Services
Many of our clients hire us to help them with a special gift. From items of modest value to collections of rare items and high value assets, we can assist you with the gifting process. We often begin the process by creating an accurate and complete gift appraisal.

We understand the USPAP and IRS requirements to work within the parameters of Fair Market Value definitions, and complete the appropriate documentation for your gift to meet charitable donation guidelines for tax purposes. Appraisals are often tax deductible, check with your tax professionals. Email or call us to set up a no obligation appointment to discuss your options at 812-822-2508. BACK TO TOP
Trust Managers, Guardianships, Attorneys
Estate & Downsizing Specialists understands what it means for our Professional customers to fulfill their obligation to their clients.  Trust, fulfillment, fiduciary, confidence, discretion, sensitivity; these are just some of the standards you follow while guiding or managing your clients affairs.  We know that you need accurate and understandable evaluation reports to submit to the courts.  We know that you have timelines and tax returns to meet and complete.  We know that you need someone to manage, organize and liquidate personal property assets in a timely and cost-effective manner.  We understand how valuable personal and financial items are to you and your client.  Estate & Downsizing Specialists understands what it means for you to be successful and we want to be one of the tools that help you get that job done.  Our standards are as high as yours. 

Our Professional services include:

• Estate Consultation
• Inventory & Appraisal Valuations
• Property Clean Up and Prep
• Personal Property & Asset Sales
• Lock Changes and Securing of Valuables and Documents
• Real Estate Valuation & Sales
• Whatever Your Needs Are, We Can Help

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